Monday, 6 January 2014

Virtual Gymkhana Attempt Sees Oncoming Cars Used as Obstacles

While Gymkhana star Ken Block mostly likes powersliding around (under and over) stationary objects, there are ways in which the formula could be enriched, without losing the attraction. For instance, you can use a bunch of Kia Ceed’ds have them drive in one direction around a track and then do your best to drift around and not crash into any of them.

That is a bit difficult and dangerous to pull off in real life, so we’re thankful for the realistic eye candy offered by Forza 5, a game used to enact exactly what was mentioned in paragraph one. A tricked out all-wheel drive Ford Focus ST is used for the job, a job which it seems to do very well.

There may have been some editing involved, but the final video is definitely entertaining and takes full advantage of Froza’s Drivatar actual people-mimicking artificial intelligence system that has virtual drivers swerving at the last moment to avoid impact.

The video lies below, after the virtual jump.

By Andrei Nedelea


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