Friday, 20 December 2013

Imagine That: Russian Points Out Egypt's Chaotic Roads

We'll leave it to you to decide if it's refreshing or amusing that a Russian YouTube user (nicknamed Senmuth Av) has uploaded a video that highlights all the wrongs in another country and continent.

Still, and while we cannot be entirely sure whether he filmed it or simply…borrowed it (his picture suggests the former), he had does have a point that driving around in Egypt can be a truly hectic, chaotic and nerve-wrecking experience with vehicles of all sorts appearing from nowhere and going on all sides of the road.

The author also commented in the video's description box the following, which has been translated with the help of Google (so don't blame us for the thing that don't make sense…).

[Google Translation]

"There's almost a complete lack of traffic signals, traffic controllers, pedestrian crossings, prohibition signs. At the same time, a lot of lying cops let some cars with low ground clearance constantly koryabayut currently bottom.

Overall, it seems that the motion is chaotic. Pedestrians walk on the road where they want, and the drivers do not miss them. More precisely, they never miss other drivers, and are in a hurry to drive themselves, without cursing like ours, but always BIBIK.

Many cars have numerous dents and scratches. Once grappled mirrors: we drove corrected her mirror, the other carrier - its, Thu shouted to each other, and we drove on. Imagine what would we have? Gibddeshnikov wait for hours .. then draw ... If jam band, the plug can be circled in the opposite lane without problems. And simply can ride along the side of the oncoming lane."


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