Friday, 20 December 2013

Next Holden Commodore Rumored to be Rebadged FWD Buick Made in China

We learn from Cars Guide of Australia that there may be more know about the story of Holden shutting down. Apparently, GM did some kind of prior deal with Holden to have it design the next Commodore along with a Buick for the Chinese market. The Holden would have been made in Aussie, while manufacturing of the Buick-badged car would have been outsourced to China.

Now that the production halt of 2017 is official, and GM denied getting rid of Holden as a brand, the quoted report has firm footing to believe that the car destined for the Australian market will now be built alongside the Buick.

The worst part of all, for those used to rear-wheel drive cars being called Commodore, is that this future model is neither of those things… Four cylinders and front-wheel drive are expected.

It will be a Euro-inspired car, and from what we understand a bit of a four-door coupe, sleeker than the car it will replace; length will be almost five meters so it will be about the same as the current one, in that area – the only similarity.

By Andrei Nedelea



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